Saturday Sunny Bliss

California weather has been blessed lately.  We had a week or so of rain—which Southern California is not built for—but just in time for daylight savings we are experiencing some beautiful, hot, sunny days worthy of the beach.  The air is dry, inhaled through the nose, clearing sinuses and flaking skin.

tumblr_inline_n26zvyf9S31qcy2ig tumblr_inline_n26zwpRpHf1qcy2ig tumblr_inline_n26zx7RE9D1qcy2ig

I slept in late on Saturday and when I came downstairs and opened the windows, a breeze of salty summer wafted in.  My hair smelled like dry oil and my face smelled like sunscreen and all I could think of was reading my book outside in the shade of oncoming spring.


I wore my old sunglasses and bare arms and took out my camera to photograph the changing light of spring.  From a mild winter, we have had it easy here in the south, but one does enjoy the break from sweaters.

tumblr_inline_n2705wmSO41qcy2ig tumblr_inline_n2709kRgy11qcy2ig tumblr_inline_n270am6XUj1qcy2ig



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