How To Plan Your Spring Cleaning

This is the first year I have done a dedicated spring cleaning in my own house.  I did a detailed schedule of five sections.  There is a video below where I walk you through it, but I thought some pictures might help anyone who is planning a schedule of their own.

I tackled the office first because it is the room I was looking forward to the least.  I really liked my schedule!  It was super easy and very non-time consuming.  I spent maybe half an hour a day on the items and had so much time left in my day for other things.

I understand that some people like to get their spring cleaning done all at once—in a couple days.  I instead like to do a little at a time so that I won’t procrastinate.  Half an hour is doable, but multiple hours of cleaning in one day is NOT okay in my mind.  =]

I just started the bedroom today and therefore won’t have any feedback about the four remaining categories for now.  This room should be pretty easy.  The toughest thing will be getting rid of clothes.  ;]

I am NOT stoked about the kitchen, but I hate cleaning the kitchen anyways so that’s no surprise.

The living space is a big room and I expect the DVDs and books to be dusty.  I’m allergic to dust, so this might not be the best experience.

My miscellaneous section turned out to be huge.  I even forgot a couple storage areas.  Not sure how well this schedule will work out, but we will see.

Enjoy the video and I hope this helps someone!  Let me know what you guys have done/are doing!

❤ – Jamie


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