LOOSE LEAF TEA–March Favorites

One of my newer clothing items and a definite favorite this month are my new floral pants!  I found them at Ross (score!) about a year after I started looking for floral pants.  I wasn’t too picky on if they were leggings, jeans, etc, but I was pretty happy when I found these pants.  They were about $12 and are a size small.  They are a really good length, too, which is nice for a girl with long legs!

My new favorite nail polish for the spring is my Essie nail polish called “tart deco.”  It is similar to a coral, brighter than a nude, but very different from a pastel.  LOVE it!

I have been craving hash browns like a mad woman lately (not pictured).  Maybe I need more starch?  Or I just love ketchup and fried potatoes?  Probably that one.

Also, I picked up this loose leaf tea from World Market several weeks ago and have promptly fallen in love.  I love ginger as well as peach teas and this combination is to die for.  If you don’t like ginger tea, it’s not very strong in this tea so it is a great option for a natural stomach soother.

I have been reading the Lord of the Rings series lately and am finally almost finished.  I love them!  This is my first time reading them in a long time.  J.R.R. Tolkien is a very good author.  I really like his imagery and the depth of his characters.  It is interesting how they differ from the films as well.

American Idol and Survivor are my two favorite shows this season.  Gotta love those reality shows!  The changes they are making to American Idol are interesting this year.  I LOVE Harry Connick Jr., especially as a judge.  He has a lot of valuable advice.  My favorite contestant is currently Alex because of his artistry and stellar performances.

I don’t have a favorite in Survivor yet, but I think it is interesting how they are playing off of the stereotypes of brawn, brains, and beauty.

I have been obsessing over “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for a while now.  Please someone obsess with me!  It is beautiful!

Check out my favorites video below!




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