My Pamper Night

I just had the most amazing pamper night of my life.

I was going to make a video about it (which I did), so I sat down and wrote a list of all of the most amazing, relaxing, extravagant things I could think of within my own reach.  Now at the end of it, I am so relaxed and at peace.  It is the best I have felt all week.

My job doesn’t get a day off, and today was no different.  I spent hours at a mostly unsuccessful open house and then came home where more things were waiting for me on my to-do list.  My house, my job, and my relationship are always dictating my time, and by Saturday afternoon I was exhausted.

If you are looking for a relaxing night of your own, here is my list for your inspiration. =]

Set up – Table by bath, candles, towel, iced detox water, home made apple chips, and a book (Hunger Games this time).
Put on a fluffy robe and remove makeup and nail polish.  Run the bath, arrange candles, and add an excessive amount of bubble bath.  Turn on Spotify to a chill playlist and a low volume.
In the bath, use foot wash and a pumice stone.  Use a sugar scrub and then take a break with your water, snack, and book.  Relax.
Use a vinegar and water spray in place of a clarifying shampoo.  Spray it liberally into your hair and then rinse.
Once you have eaten all of your food and are beginning to prune, wet your hair and apply a conditioning hair mask, followed by a face mask.  Get out of the bath and continue the pampering.

Apply a body butter basically everywhere.  After your face mask has been on long enough, remove with a steamy wash cloth.  Rinse your hair mask out and put your fluffy bath robe back on.
Apply a toner to your face and moisturize.  Add leave in conditioner and a serum to your hair and then french braid it for a fun curl tomorrow morning.

When you’re done pampering yourself in the bathroom, put on some comfy pjs, get yourself some tea and chocolate and turn on a chick flick.  Paint your nails and relax the night away.

Once bed time hits, brush and floss your teeth, then swish with a fluoride rinse.  Apply your favorite hand cream and chapstick, climb into bed, and either read a calm book or journal your thoughts before turing out the light.

Trust me, you will be tired enough to leave your social media for tomorrow.

Be on the look out for my next video of my pamper night.  Enjoy, ladies!

❤ – Jamie


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