My iPhone Life || April 2014


In April I began re-reading Nancy Drew books.  I’m reading one between my other books I’m reading.  AKA, I will read a Nancy Drew book between each Harry Potter book I am reading right now.
They’re such classics.  Even if they are outdated, I find the period and the stories idilic and romantic.


One of my subscribers made a joke about mustaches and I responded with this Instagram.


My mom and I tried a cute cafe near my house and really enjoyed it.  It was surprisingly chilly and we had to sit outside (in tank tops), but the setting is so idealistic and dreamy that I really want to go back.


Wearing my hair up, and in particular in braids, has become acceptable to me in the past few years.  I used to be extremely self conscious about my ears (because they stick out and are a bit large) and absolutely hated wearing my hair up.


I met the lovely Heidi from the YouTube channel While They Were Napping this month.  She is stunning, both in appearance and in her heart.  I love her heart for God, for her family, and for life.  I really enjoyed meeting her and her boys!


Pretty much the last batch of lemons and minneolas from my parents’ yard.


Finishing off the month with a selfie during golden hour with a crown braid on my head.

❤ Jamie

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