My iPhone Life || August 2013


In July/August we moved.  I started my job as a resident manager and we got to live in a large townhouse we never would have been able to afford otherwise.  I was in heaven from the beginning.  Although the job stressed me out at first (as new jobs tend to do), we eventually found our rhythm.  We bought a new bed and dismantled the house to try to get the mattress foundation upstairs.  It didn’t work.  Dang.

 tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o7_400 tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o1_400

I read the Harry Potter series practically every summer.  I also had jury duty, which was very not fun.  The above is my face afterward while I was waiting to be picked up.

 tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o3_400 tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o4_400

The owner of the property blessed us with a new fridge, which I was stoked about.  The old one worked just fine so I was pretty please that she wanted to update the unit for us a bit.  A few days into August my friend’s husband came home from deployment in Afghanistan.  I loaded up on coffee and charged all my cameras to capture the moment!


It was a good one.  =]


Or maybe there were a lot of good ones.

tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o5_400 tumblr_navtnv8FGs1r9u7j5o2_400

Summer continued, with heat waves and swimming pools, sunburns and sunsets, and with a lot of Harry Potter sprinkled in-between.


I want something like this for my family room that I can fill with cozy blankets.  $60, however, is not a bargain.


I rediscovered my red lipstick.  Honestly, this one by Melaleuca is fabulous.  Thanks mom!


These are the essentials.  Good camera, vlogging camera, and lacy leggings under a polkadot dress.  Helloooo golden hour!


Preseason starts!  We are 49ers fans.  It’s in my blood.  ;]  In 2013 we went to the conference championships for the third year in a row.  It was pretty epic, especially because the Niners were abysmal for a while before Harbaugh became the coach.


Sunset beach walk!  My lovely friend Danielle made the trek down to have potluck with us and some friends.  Summer nights, I tell ya.  There is little else like a summer night with friends.


And here we end the last full month of summer.  Before true football (notice the new iPhone case up above in preparation), before leaves turn, winds stir, and pumpkin spice lattes emerge.

This was an exceptionally long post.  Hurrah if you’re still here!



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