My iPhone Life || September 2013


My second pumpkin spice latte of the season.  Again, our Septembers here are boiling, so this one had to be iced.  If there’s one coffee gone wrong, it’s an iced pumpkin spice latte.


We went to Cruisin’ Grand with my parents!  It’s a giant car event where everyone brings their super spiffed up vehicles, old and new, and parks them along Main St in downtown Escondido.  My mom and I struck a pose!


I sucked it up this time and got a hot PSL.  It was worth it!  Plus I wore some boots… which was not worth it.  Where are these 70 degree days hiding?

tumblr_nbi1sqnO0k1r9u7j5o6_400 tumblr_nbi1sqnO0k1r9u7j5o7_400

First of all, playing around with my hair is really fun.  It’s a good length to try out different braids.  This one experiment started as a milkmaid braid and turned into some sort of crown braid.  The night was then completed by Krispy Kreme donuts, hot cocoa, and Harry Potter. ❤


I think this is around the time my sister became a Mary Kay consultant.  First haul shot from Instagram!


Around July/August/September I got hugely into vlogging.  I’m still using this camera a year later, miraculously.


September is the month I decorate for fall.  This was the first time I’d had my own house to decorate and it was a blast!  I’m excited to break out the wreath and burlap again here pretty soon!  Stay tuned for those blog posts! ;]
tumblr_nbi1sqnO0k1r9u7j5o3_400 tumblr_nbi1sqnO0k1r9u7j5o8_400

Life is typically full of delicious foods.  From homemade chicken soup made especially on sick days, to different experiments (with excellent results) with scallops, the dinner table is rarely boring.

Happy reminiscing, everyone!

❤ – Jamie


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