#TBT || University, First Year Part 2

#TBT University First Year Spring

In my  first year of school, after coming back from the holidays, our school’s water supply no longer met the (new) criteria of the city.  AKA, there was too much arsenic in the water.  We all knew that the water sucked, but now the school had to provide drinking water for us.  Newer dorms got water filters installed but we got water jugs delivered every so often.  We thought it was hilarious.

#TBT University First Year Spring

Sister and I hung out a lot more this semester.  She was feeling a lot better, but sometime around March or April I had a nasty experience with the boy I liked and some of my friends so she got more actively involved.  This photo was from more towards the beginning though.  Remember last week when I mentioned the LC?  Basically, every night around 11 pm, my roommate and I would head over and eat greasy food and hang out with friends or make new ones.  My sister was one of the supervisors so I saw her a lot.  This was back when I thought it was fun to work without getting paid, so I would sometimes take over the register and sell ice cream and french fries for a while.

#TBT University First Year Spring

During one of our rare sunny days of winter, roommate and I were accosted by the school mascot and a girl with a Polaroid camera.  Granted, we were equally as enthusiastic as they were, even though we literally never went to sporting events unless they were Can-Am games (Canadians against Americans).
I blame it on the hobby photographer/filmographer in me.  Who am I to resist the Polaroid?

#TBT University First Year Spring

That February was the most auspicious of all Can-Am games.  Can-Am hockey.  This was such an event at our school that people would literally camp out over night in order to line up and sign up (that rhymed) for a spot on the team.  Canadian girls versus American guys.  We took it very seriously.  There were practices.  Certain people wouldn’t make the team.  Literally EVERYONE got dressed up and went to the game and for a day we all hated anyone who wasn’t from our country.  I took it very personally.
America won this year.  Huzzah!

#TBT University First Year Spring

I think that a requirement of being female is that we really enjoy taking pictures and going on photo adventures.  These are basically just walks in which you photograph yourself and your friends a lot and then pretend you’re all artsy and original.  On this occasion we were actually creating compositions for Mikaela’s art class–abstract shapes.  I think the photo of me on the right ended up being a diamond shape, if you get my drift.

#TBT University First Year Spring

This is the only photo from spring break that I am sharing with you.  Technically it was called “reading break” at my school… and it was at the tail end of February.  So really it was more like winter break in which we still had to do a lot of reading.  Most school breaks were all the same–we would drive home, since it was six hours south, inevitably warmer, and our mom’s birthday was right around that time.  One of the principle memories I have from school is whenever we would cross the boarder.  In this photo we were waiting in line.
The American boarder is much pickier than the Canadian boarder, even if you’re a citizen.  They ask you weird questions trying to catch you off guard or to trap you in a lie.  If you’re male they like to search your car.  If you’re female they ask you about your shopping and how much you spent.  During first year I didn’t cross the boarder a lot because I didn’t have a car, but I remember Mikaela always got extremely nervous because of her previous visa experiences with her family.

#TBT University First Year Spring

Like I said, my sister started to hang out with me a lot in the spring.  She also found out that she liked a lot of the girls in my dorm anyways, so hanging out with us wasn’t weird.  We dragged her along with us on St. Patrick’s Day to go eat sushi.  We are very photogenic.

#TBT University First Year Spring

Heather and I started to get a lot closer in the spring as well.  She and I eventually ended up rooming together in our third and fourth years.
I don’t know, all of a sudden we were hanging out a lot and she was staying up late with us and we were all getting to know each other.  I think our jars of candy (see last #TBT post) really inspired a relationship.  It was awesome.

We found this fabulous Korean bbq place near school and we were forever going with our friends.

#TBT University First Year Spring

The school took our futon type couches (they were awful) and replaced them with new, cushy couches.  During the transition, we took advantage of an empty common room and dragged our mattresses out for a movie night and sleep over.  Can you spot Kasey (sister) again?  =P
This is a thing from youth that I don’t think I will ever get tired of.  Sleepovers.  It’s a really fun, free thing to do.  Try it out!  Living room forts are awesome too.

#TBT University First Year Spring

Our favorite thing to do during a spring rain storm was to go puddle jumping.  I think it says something about a small private Christian campus that the women feel safe enough to run around all hours of the night, barefoot, half clothed, and jumping in puddles.  I hear about other campuses where they have rape whistles and security guards walk you to your cars and things.  I mean, sure, we had laptops stolen out of dorm rooms and perhaps a few more sinister things happened that I’m not aware of, but as a whole the place was very safe.
Perhaps this isn’t the right time to talk about the bloody drunk man who tried to climb in through Heather and Naomi’s window?  No?  All right.

#TBT University First Year Spring

Just had to throw in this cute picture of sister.

#TBT University First Year Spring

This is Joshua.  We were twins this day.  We spent all year saying that we should hang out, so finally when it was almost time for final exams we made it happen.  A group of us went out for Korean barbecue–told you we loved it–and had a grand old time.  Joshua is from Hawaii and is a very talented writer.

Tune in next time for what should be the rest of the spring semester!

❤ – Jamie


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