My iPhone Life || June 2014

My iPhone Life June 2014June was a wonderful month.  It was full of warm days, but not too hot, visiting friends, and the anticipation of my birthday and YouTuber events!  At the very beginning of the month, husband had a friend/client from Hong Kong come into town and we took him to a beach near our house where we walked around enjoying the sights, smells, shops, and plethora of rooftop bars.  I had never been to a rooftop bar in San Diego before.  I’m not a big drinker, and after this one girlie drink I was done but at least very happy and chatty!  Honestly, these kinds of things make me really appreciate the place I am currently blessed to live in.  After all, if you are going to live in a place as expensive as San Diego, you better get out there and enjoy it for all it’s worth because if you aren’t into the beach and the carefree lifestyle, you might as well move somewhere cheaper.My iPhone Life June 2014Kurodo’s friend took this photo of us.  For some reason we just don’t take a lot of couple photos so I was really excited that this one turned out so well. My iPhone Life June 2014After the rooftop bar we went to the Crab Shack.  I was very excited that our waitress’ name was Kasey because typically the name is spelled with a “C” but my sister’s name is also spelled with a “K.”  My one-drink-in self got very excited and then embarrassed at how excited I got.
We got a good assortment of food and Kurodo had to show me how to crack shells to enjoy the crab and lobster.My iPhone Life June 2014This is an iPhone photo from the same sushi night I shared with you a couple weeks ago.  I am seriously spoiled to have a husband who is so good at cooking.  While sushi isn’t exactly cooking it takes a lot of skill with the knife.  My husband also gets really creative with fusion, which is something that Americans appreciate with their sushi more than the traditional Japanese customer would.My iPhone Life June 2014We had to watch my parents’ cat Lenny for a bit in June.  I can’t actually remember where they went.  It may have just been a camping trip, or possibly to North Carolina to visit my sister?  Oops!
Lenny has these gorgeous GIANT eyeballs that make him look permanently concerned.  He’s sort of getting used to the camera but he likes my point and shoot better than my iPhone because he likes to play with the wrist strap.My iPhone Life June 2014
We went out for a dinner celebration before my actual birthday day.  Occasionally my dad and I share my birthday and father’s day because they’re both around mid-June.  Kurodo took me to this nice local steak house and I got a fabulous mud pie for dessert.  There are very few desserts that I enjoy more than a good mud pie.  It helps especially that the slices they give you at restaurants can feed a family of five.My iPhone Life June 2014My husband is a sneaky stinker.  He said my present wasn’t ready, which I was pretty pissed about the day of, and the next day went out for a bit and got all giddy.  When he came home quite a while later, he told me to go upstairs and not to look outside.  I then heard other guys helping him and was dumbfounded.  What on earth could he have gotten me that required movers?  My mind raced through possibilities.  I had, of course, asked for an “inexpensive” piano from Craigslist but never in a million years did I expect one.  The night before Kurodo had even gone so far to 100% convince me that it was not going to happen that I burst into tears.
When he told me I could come downstairs I waited at the top and got him to turn on the camera to record.  I could see a corner of the piano as I waited and my heart raced.  There was no.freaking.way.  When I came down I barely looked at the piano and raced to hug Kurodo while I was in tears.  Go here if you want to see the vlog that this is in.My iPhone Life June 2014 The next day I went to the beach with my friend Danielle.  We live really far away from each other and basically never get to hang out, so it was nice to have a small piece of time to catch up.  I also don’t go to the beach that often unless it’s with a friend, and those encounters are few and far between these days.  Everyone is a grown up with bills and car woes.  Husband and I share a car so getting out of the house is tough for me.  This was a much needed, relaxing day in the sun that was finished off by exploring a t-shirt shop and further admiration of the piano back home.My iPhone Life June 2014My iPhone Life June 2014I got to hang out with Heidi and her boys from While They Were Napping again in June.  We made a tag video for my main channel on YouTube and sat around talking for a long time.  The boys were so cute!  Aiden always wants to steal my phone and Declan really enjoyed sharing his carrots with me last time.  I took a mini-photo shoot with them and only sharing this many photos with you is showing real restraint on my part.  Heidi is such a sweetheart and her boys are so cute!  They are expecting a little girl in October and I am so excited to meet her soon!My iPhone Life June 2014I took the plunge at the end of the month and drove up to Anaheim.  Every June there is a convention called Vidcon.  It is typically very YouTube centered but it is also for other video media platforms like Vine.  Like any convention there are panels and meet and greets.  I haven’t been able to go the past two years, since I got into YouTube, but had the opportunity to drive up and have dinner with some really lovely and inspirational YouTubers that I have had an online friendship with for a while.  Dana Schmoyer (on the right) and her husband subscribed to my channel well before we had 50 subscribers–just a few months into our YouTube journey.  They have been huge supporters of us from the beginning and I felt so blessed to meet this amazing mama of (now) four, her husband Tim, and for everything they have helped me with over the past two years.
Ya’ll know Heidi on the left, and in the middle next to me is Cheryl from The Mom of Six Boys.

That’s it for June!  Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channels if you get the chance and follow my blog for more fun updates!



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