My iPhone Life || July 2014

My iPhone Life - July 2014July 4th.  Independence Day.
I love holidays.  Perhaps that’s an American trait because we love celebrating.  Spending time with family, barbecuing, and general summer merriment are staples in our culture.  The Fourth of July is the day that we celebrate our independence, and to the above requirements we add fireworks (aka explosives) to the mix to make it extra festive.  We dress up in a red, white, and blue, watch patriotic movies, make patriotic food, and just celebrate America with each other.  I dig it so much, I cannot explain it.
Husband, on the other hand, is Japanese, grew up in Hong Kong, has seen fireworks pretty much every day of his life, and could care less about America and patriotism.  The first year we were married I thought he would be at least interested in what it is like to spend the day with a family of Americans and to experience some of the celebration and tradition.  I mean, I never really turn down an opportunity to celebrate something.  Instead he didn’t particularly care either way, didn’t understand what the big deal was, and would rather stay at home instead of go downtown and navigate traffic and crowds in order to see a less than impressive fireworks show (compared to Hong Kong, anyways).  I was okay with him not understanding, but his general lack of enthusiasm was discouraging.
Cultural differences for the win.
This year, husband had to work during the evening.  My parents came down to my house and we ate hotdogs and watched The Patriot and husband slept, as per usual.  We also drove around for a while trying to find parking so that we could walk the beach and go in shops, maybe even get ice cream, but the parking situation was out of this world so we ended up going back to my place and walking somewhere.
All in all the day turned out fine.  I was discouraged when it seemed like husband wouldn’t be home in time for fireworks.  I walked a few blocks by myself in the dark to see if I could find fireworks but got creeped out by the drunk partiers and other night wanderers and ran back home.  In the end husband actually got home just in time, and although he could care less that it was the 4th of July, I persuaded him to come out and walk a few blocks until we found a curb with a good view of the Sea World fireworks show.My iPhone Life - July 2014My iPhone Life - July 2014In July we hit 500 subscribers on our family vlog.  This is a pretty big milestone and I was over the moon about it.  I never expected this when we started YouTube, and I am so grateful for anyone who enjoys what we put out there.  I make these videos for our family and friends because we have lived in a lot of places over our lives.  Kurodo’s entire family is 7000+ miles away.  I also make them for us, so that we can remember the good times and look back on life when we are feeling nostalgic.  My iPhone Life - July 2014The swimming got particularly good this month.  I would have still appreciated if the water was a few degrees warmer, but a lot of my happiness during summer is just in spending an afternoon under the sun.  I read, drink cool drinks, and swim a few laps to cool down.  The sound of the waterfall is very peaceful and I find that relaxing by the pool can be an excellent de-stresser.  This is the second time my parents have installed a pool during my lifetime (we’ve lived all over, by the way) and I feel very spoiled.My iPhone Life - July 2014My iPhone Life - July 2014Meet our favorite donut shop.  It is a 24 hour donut place in Escondido.  Whenever Kurodo would visit while we were dating, we would drive out here late at night and get too many donuts.  In fact, one night after we went here, Kurodo proposed to me.  Because of those reasons, this place is special to me, but really it’s just amazing because you can get a very unhealthy and satisfying sugar rush at any hour of the day.  What’s not to love?My iPhone Life - July 2014A while back my parents got a fire pit.  This is the best invention of my life.  Sitting by the fire goes back to childhood and camping for me.  Just listening to the crackling fire and feeling the heat on your face and legs has something so therapeutic about it.  Even in the suburbs of a city like San Diego you can escape to the country a little bit and ignore the bright lights and the rushing freeway.  There is a lot of beauty in California, but the rush of life can wear on you.  Sometimes just getting away to my parents’ with the pool and the fire are all a girl needs to refuel for taking on the world the next week.  If you don’t have a fire pit, you should, because they are magnificent.  A fireplace is good too, but not quite the same is wearing your flannel over shirt and roasting marshmallows outside while the sun dips below the horizon.My iPhone Life - July 2014I have been keeping a journal since I was 13 years old.  The journal on the left is my 22nd journal, which I kept for over four years.  That is the longest it has ever taken me to complete a journal.  I’m not going to lie, the times I seemed to need journaling over those four years were when I was upset about something and needed to vent.  There is a lot of negativity in there and I am excited to move onto journal number 23.  Let’s see what God has in store for us now!  But let’s all learn from my mistakes–it is better to focus on the positive in life, just like it is better to remember the positive.  Remembering the bad is important in that it can teach us and our loved ones a lesson that we can grow from, but dwelling on it is unhealthy.  Choose happiness daily and you will not be disappointed.My iPhone Life - July 2014


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