#TBT || Summer 2007 Part 1

#TBT Summer 2007

As soon as I got home from my first year of school for the summer I jumped right back into my old lifestyle for a little bit.  There were some people missing and I was no longer a high schooler, but most of the guys from Freedom’s Song (the worship band I was a part of for almost 2 years before leaving for college) were still there or came back like me to play with them.  I did a lot of vocals and some keyboard for about a month or so.  This particular night we played outside in the amphitheater and I got some pictures.  Honestly, to me, there are few things better than making and/or playing music with your friends.  Some of the guys continued to play together years later and made it into shows like Creation Fest NW and Spirit Fest, although the lead singer is currently a missionary in Mexico with his wife. ❤ my Freedom’s Song and student leadership crew from back in the day!

#TBT Summer 2007

I turned nineteen in June. In the college days when Blockbuster still existed and Facebook was just becoming available to the general public, my sister and I were obsessed with owning movies. She more so than me, but we discovered the 4 for $20 or 5 for $20 deals at Blockbuster and never went back. It’s still hard for me to buy full priced movies because I got so used to paying so little back in the day. These are the movies my family bought me for my birthday. Steven Strait in “Covenant,” anyone?


#TBT Summer 2007

I lived in Oregon for 10 years, in case you didn’t know. This place shaped a lot of who I am. We lived over an hour away from the coast, and therefore a drive out to the beach was a full day trip that was always an exciting event, even if the weather turned out to be awful. Sister and I went a few times this summer and Sierra face loved it! She’s the cutie on the left. We were blessed with some fantastic weather and spent the day getting WAY too sunburned and scorching our feet on the hot sand. This is Canon Beach, by the way. If you have seen “The Goonies” you would recognize Haystack Rock in a second. I don’t have any pictures of the rock from this trip though. Maybe later. =]


#TBT Summer 2007

Nerd alert! There is nothing more exciting to a college student on summer break (or at least this college student) than going to a midnight showing of a movie. What better movie than Harry Potter itself?!  We would always dress up, and I was always Hermione. Kasey chose Tonks this year. I’m pretty sure this was the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The seventh book wasn’t even out yet. We met up with some friends later that night (after Kasey and I got in line before 5pm in the over 100 degree heat to save spots) who had halfheartedly dressed up as Neville, Ginny, Luna, Harry, and Ron. Kasey definitely wins most committed. She and my mom dyed her hair pink, then blonde, then pink again, and only a few days later back to brown so that she could go back to work. Someone give this girl a prize!

#TBT Summer 2007#TBT Summer 2007

Oh Oaks Park, how I miss you. Oregon doesn’t really have any amusement parks. No Six Flags or water park or Disneyland. We have Oaks Park in Portland. It’s basically an assortment of carnival rides that just stay there year round, plus a small roller coaster. We went here every summer. While I was growing up, on the first day of school the park would hold a “Not Back To School” day where home schooled students who didn’t have to spend the day inside of a school building could go to the park. I’m not sure if we got discounted admission or not, but who cares? I loved the roller coaster, but I think my favorite ride was the Screaming Eagle, which is a play on the swinging pirate ship.

#TBT Summer 2007

Obligatory cute kitty shot. This is Nala. He is male. Our neighbors in Nevada named him and another cat Simba, but once they found out Nala was also a boy it was too late. Nala adopted us, so when we moved to Texas we took him with us.
Have you figured out how many places I have lived yet? ;]

#TBT Summer 2007

This was the first of three summers that I worked at this place. I worked entirely in the box office for the first two. It was a love-hate relationship. My sister worked there too and basically got me the job. It helps to have an older sister who has a stellar reputation for being kick ass at her job. There’s a life tip for you. Just follow around your older siblings as long as the road they have paved is excellent, which Kasey’s is.
We really liked our co-workers, but I was still in my shy, reserved, overly-introverted stage of life and most people didn’t hear me talk unless it was to a customer. I remember one incident when I made a joke to my co-worker and she lost her mind because 1) I talked, and 2) what came out of my mouth was hilarious (intentionally, thank goodness).

#TBT Summer 2007

This gem is here thanks to Kasey and Ally, I think? It’s kind of an inside joke, but it’s so nostalgic I couldn’t not share it. The two of them spent a day drawing all of the box office employees and then giving them nicknames according to their personalities at work. I was The Quiet One (shocker), Kasey was The Perfect Employee, etc.

#TBT Summer 2007

This is the first camera I ever bought myself and her name is Bella. She is a Canon Powershot S3IS and what I called my “in-between camera.” More like a starter because I couldn’t afford a DSLR but I wanted better quality than what I had. I mean, my first camera wasn’t even 3 megapixels or something like that. Haha! I spent all of my money, which meant the next year at school I had to get a job, but it was worth every embarrassing moment in the cafeteria when I couldn’t find the right button at the cash register. Yep. Stay tuned for those good stories!

#TBT Summer 2007

I have to rave about my baby girl for a minute. Her name was Sierra and she is literally the sweetest thing you have ever met in your life. She had the best personality, her favorite toy was her tennis ball, and she could smize on demand. I hated leaving her when I left for school, especially because she was getting older, but she lived almost to 15 years in the end. I want another dog so badly, but I’m pretty sure they will never come close to this, the love of my life. We took this photo at the end of the summer, after I had finished my job and before we left for school. What’s a girl without her dog?

Okay, that’s it for this blast from the past. Next week we’ll be visiting a trip I took to visit BFF in the summer of 07!



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