My iPhone Life || August 2014

My iPhone Life - August 2014

Every summer I read the Harry Potter series, although last year I quit somewhere around half way through book five.  Because of some other reading this year I didn’t get to Harry in May as usual, but nonetheless, the experience has been quite magical.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of these seven books.  Ever.

My iPhone Life - August 2014My iPhone Life - August 2014

I go to my parents’ every week and visit their kitty and their pool.  August is the best swimming month of the season.  The pool is pretty consistently at 84 to 86 degrees, and that’s extremely ideal for me.  Lenny is an inside kitty, much to my mom’s chagrin because of her rodent problem (namely gophers), but he really loves sitting in windows and watching the world go by.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

My iPhone Life - August 2014

This is the busy (and still happy) face of a girl prepping her house to receive her BFF.  I put those iPhone photos in other blog posts with Lauren’s visit.  Somehow cleaning your house when people are coming over is much more satisfying.  Perhaps it is the motivation combined with anticipation?  Probably.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

One of my favorite photos of all time.  Starbucks on the beach with my girl Lauren.  Plus a ridiculously long straw.  Make the most of summer and where you live while you can.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

Lauren bought this shirt for me at a beachside t-shirt shop.  So cute.  I love having things specifically from the place that I live because I move so much.  It’s nice to have shirts or hoodies or blankets to remember your old home by.  This is a great hot summer day shirt or a bathing suit cover up.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!  It was boiling outside but I bought it at the beginning of a grocery shopping trip and enjoyed the suffering because iced PSLs just don’t cut it in my book.  By the end of August I’m so ready for fall.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

My August Mary Kay haul.  These three items have absolutely been my favorites the past few months.

My iPhone Life - August 2014

My first new items for fall decor.  I got them at Kohl’s when they were having a pretty good sale.  Kohl’s is really good for sales.  These items have been a really fun addition to my home this autumn!



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