My iPhone Life || September 2014

If there is anything that you should know about me, it’s that I kind of live for football season. My team is the 49ers. I was born a fan–it has nothing to do with where I’ve lived but has everything to do with my family. My parents were Niners fans and well before I even liked football–because trust me, as a child, I HATED football–I was also a fan. Now that I’m actually into the NFL, it helps that my team is doing pretty well these days.
Also, I have a lot of friends in Seattle and they’re almost all Seahawks fans… our main rivals these days. The heckling can get intense on my Facebook. I take it personally. You have been warned. ;]

My iPhone Life - September 2014 My iPhone Life - September 2014

My parents went to Hawaii in September to celebrate my dad’s upcoming birthday. It’s a major one–they don’t typically go on tropical vacations for birthdays. One time they went on a cruise for a big(ger) anniversary. It was cute. They went on a helicopter and went snorkeling multiple times. I was on plant, mail, and cat duty. Lenny is a sweetheart though so I loved it. I don’t have any pets of my own right now, and even though I’m allergic to him, I love the little fur ball. He’s spastic and very easily excitable, but when my dad’s not around he likes to cuddle while watching TV. I can’t complain about that!
Oh, I feel like I should specify. He prefers my dad’s lap over anyone else’s. That’s why he’ll cuddle with me if my dad isn’t there.

My iPhone Life - September 2014

Rain. It happens so rarely in California that I take photos and videos obsessively when it decides to grace us with its presence.

My iPhone Life - September 2014

My parents came home from Hawaii! I went to their place to drink beer. And probably to see them too. But mostly for the beer.

That’s a joke.

My iPhone Life - September 2014

Mmm, Thai food for lunch. I got the ever classic Pad Thai, as did my dad. My mom got some kind of salad. Both of them thought it was really spicy, but I’d been there before so I had all ready mastered this restaurant’s 1 to 10 hotness scale. I get a 4 on a normal day, or a 5 if I’m feeling dangerous.

My iPhone Life - September 2014 My iPhone Life - September 2014

I shot my fall decor haul in September and then decorated my house. These are the new things that I invested in this year.

My iPhone Life - September 2014

Ah, the great computer fiasco of 2014. I thought Macs were supposed to be invincible? Haha! My poor macbook pro started to give me grief, and eventually after crashing continuously, multiple grey screens of death, one blue screen of death, and one blue screen of death with a fancy pattern, I gave up and took it into the genius bar. The first guy–whose name was also Jamie–said it sounded like the hard drive. I ran to my dad, because he’s a nerd too, but in a much more capable and computer-y way. He also has a Mac air whereas everyone else I know here (almost) has a PC. We ran around town looking for solutions and eventually pulled out my hard drive to plug it into a sled (that’s what it’s called, right?) and transfer my stuff onto his computer before I took it back to the Apple store.
Don’t worry, I have Apple Care.

My iPhone Life - September 2014 My iPhone Life - September 2014 My iPhone Life - September 2014

After all that it turns out it wasn’t the hard drive at all but was actually the video card. Oh well, at least with Apple Care I saved myself six hundred bucks. My baby Hermione was missed!

My iPhone Life - September 2014

That’s it for the eventful month of September!



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