Home Decor || Ikea Throw Pillow

I decided a long time ago that the colors for my living room were going to be navy and tangerine. At least the accent colors. Let me tell you, it has been a chore to find those colors. I have been searching for the perfect throw pillows for almost two years. I found a certain Ikea pillow cover this spring and have been drooling over it for months. Some things are worth the wait, and making sure you have the right colors and spending money on the right things is worth it.

Let’s be honest with each other–not everything from Ikea is great. A lot of things are too modern for my taste. There is also the fact that most of their furniture pieces are made out of particle board and not solid wood. The reality is that most of their stuff is inexpensive all around and sometimes not worth the money wasted. However, I have found some great things at their stores, like things that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on in the first place. Ikea was a life saver in college when I needed things like knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, and a lamp. 

I want to go a bit nautical and beachy with my house right now. Navy and tangerine can fit into that nicely. I saw Christmas decorations on the Ikea website the other day and roped my mom into going to check it out. You’ll see the Christmas spoils on another day, but today… this is my pillow.

Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow

My brother-in-law was fast to point out that there are bugs all over it. Thanks for that perspective, Jon.
Haha! Kidding. But I find the pattern cute. It will go well with other patterns and colors, but also compliment a solid (eventually) very well. I waited to find exactly what I wanted, and I wasn’t disappointed. Ikea seems to be going through a somewhat earthy phase right now with their textiles. I approve. I’m not the biggest fan of modern styles and geometric shapes around my house. Apparently I don’t mind bugs. It isn’t necessarily nautical, besides the navy color, but it reminds me of the doctor from the movie “Master and Commander” who is obsessed with bugs, plants, and other animals. He is a doctor on a tall ship back in the day, ergo the pattern of the pillow and the ocean are synonymous in my mind.
I know, my logic astounds me too.

Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow

The pillow cover was only $5. It is 20 by 20. The pillow itself only cost $3. An eight dollar pillow? Yes please! Plus, the cover is easily removable to clean or replace. My season and holiday obsessed self has decided that this is ideal. Plus, pillows from Target start at something ridiculous like $25.

Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow Fall Haul || Ikea Pillow



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