#TBT Summer 2007, Fort Stevens

My family and I used to go camping at Fort Stevens on the coast of Oregon every year or so. My sister and I loved it because there were so many places to explore at the fort. We didn’t go so that we could go to the beach. Ever. It was all about camp fires and going behind the ropes into places we weren’t supposed to go in the fort.
There were a few things around camp that we liked. We always liked taking our dog to parks because she loved going down slides. At least I think she did. It may have been us that enjoyed watching her slide down them.

#TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens

Jumping around with brooms and sticks was all the rage with Kasey and her friends at this point. The goal was to look like you’re flying on a broom. Like Harry Potter.
We’re nerds.
I think I was trying to be a ninja more, though.
Sorry about the photo quality. It was dark, my camera was poor quality to begin with, and blah blah blah.

#TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens #TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens

Every year we went to Fort Stevens we would take pictures in a certain window. Apparently this year I chose to take a lazy posing route in an attempt to be unique. Kasey decided on the classic.

#TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens #TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens

My dad wanted to join in the fun. “Look, I’m pulling a Harry Potter!”

#TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens

And the ever classic Sierra with her ball photograph. She’s my favorite.

#TBT Summer 07 Fort Stevens


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