Road trip: driving across the entire country–an introduction.

Road Trip Intro

The great move of 2014! I have lived in four (now five) states in my life, plus one Canadian province. I move “all of the time.” The longest I have lived in one place is 10 years in Oregon, but four of those years I was also in Canada for school most of the time. I don’t necessarily have a wanderlust that makes me restless–it’s just the way I was raised. My dad is an engineer, essentially, so we went where there was work and where the tech industry was “strong.”
Despite all of that, this is the first time in my life, besides university, that I have really decided by myself to move somewhere. Granted, my sister lives here so I’m not venturing out on my own. But this is the first time, with no job lined up, moving away from my parents, completely leaving the west coast and my friends, and I really feel weird and adult.
I have lived in the south one other time–for three years in Texas before middle school. After leaving an extremely liberal surfing community in southern California, this is bound to be an adventure.
I will be posting two posts about this road trip over the next week, starting tomorrow with days one and two. Stay tuned for some fantastic photos and some great stories. And yes, I did vlog the entire thing and will hopefully be posting that video some time in mid-January.

Road Trip Intro Road Trip Intro



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