#TBT A Canadian Snow Storm 2006

This post goes out to all the haters.
Just kidding.
This post goes out to all the people who think I’m a Californian who can’t handle any type of weather. I didn’t even live there for five years, kids. This post is from 2006, when I was eighteen and getting my BA in Canada. This snow storm caused my school to give us several snow days, something they had not done in years, if ever. It was that kind of a big deal. Obviously not Alberta, but it’s still Canada so I still feel like it sounds more hardcore.

#TBT Snow Storm 2006

It started snowing in the very early morning. My friends and I stayed up until six am running around campus and enjoying the snow flakes. This is the view from my window in the morning. Normally a dismal parking lot shot slowly turned into a winter wonderland.

#TBT Snow Storm 2006

Adventure time!

#TBT Snow Storm 2006 #TBT Snow Storm 2006

If you don’t remember this is my first year roommate and high school BFF Mikaela. She’s very energetic and adventurous. She is always down for a good time and hates sitting around. She would much rather be out meeting people, which helped me a lot in my first year because I’m an extreme introvert.

#TBT Snow Storm 2006 #TBT Snow Storm 2006 #TBT Snow Storm 2006

Little 18 year old me, not even wearing a decent coat.

#TBT Snow Storm 2006 #TBT Snow Storm 2006 #TBT Snow Storm 2006

Mikaela, Kate, and Ally. All three girls were in my dorm and all four of us were from Oregon. I have literally never met anyone like Kate and Ally before or after. They are both so unique and beautiful. Their sense of adventure is intense and inspiring. I remember one time my dorm had a cookie bake off and my partner, Kate, decided we should present our baked goods to the judges with a rap. I think she may have overestimated my sense of rhythm, but she didn’t care. I was so different from all three of these ladies, but I think that’s what made our friendship work.

I will post some more Canadian snow photos later this month so stay tuned!



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