summer haul // old navy

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

My sister is really into Old Navy. I haven’t shopped there often, especially because their jeans do nothing for me, but since moving in with my sister, she has definitely begun to influence my shopping locations.
I’m not too upset about that, to be honest.
I bought this piece for July 4th. One must be dressed patriotically on Independence Day. I also wore it for Memorial Day. I got a size small but probably could have gone with an XS. Old Navy sizes run larger than I am accustomed to, but that’s probably because I usually shop at Forever 21. I guess one must become an adult at some point. Might as well be now.

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

I usually don’t like spending money on clothes that I cannot wear to work, but ever since I found the Old Navy boyfriend tee, I cannot turn back. This loose fitting, bright pink t-shirt is a size small and is possibly the most comfortable thing that I own right now. Plus, after I filled my suitcase (for the lake house in April) with greys, blacks, and a little bit of blue, I figured I should spice up the colors in my wardrobe.
This shirt is great for working around the house or going to the movies on a hot weekend. Paired with either jeans or shorts, it’s great, although hard to dress up in any way.

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

When I moved here I brought mostly warm clothing for the winter. Knowing how hot the summers in North Carolina can be, I decided that some tank tops would be in my best interest. This piece is a bit more form fitting than my typical clothing item lately, but I like it. The pattern is nice and I can wear it to work. It is a size extra small.

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

I adore this dress. It is super feminine and flattering. I can pair it with a sweater for the office, out to lunch or dinner with the family, or even to a wedding. It is a size small and I fully intend to get my money’s worth out of this piece.

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

My sister and I bought the same dress.
But actually that just means we both have impeccable taste. I love the neckline, the waistline, fabric, and just general existence of this dress. I got it in a size small and fully intend to take the world by storm in it. I mean, it’s so comfortable it should be pajamas, but instead it’s a very classy summer dress I can wear to work, to my book club, or really anywhere I want. That’s what I like in a good Old Navy find!

summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy summer haul // old navy

These tank tops are significantly more casual than what I typically like to buy. The black piece is a size small and the blue is an extra small. They were on sale, and please let’s remember the dang heat in North Carolina. I guess my full time job and expanding social life has made me appreciate more casual wear because I don’t wear it that often and comfort trumps fashion when you’re tired.
Also, I say again, the heat. These tanks tops are wonderful in the heat. Loose and light, they are going to be staples this summer

In other news, my parents are here right now so keep an eye out for some fun posts of our adventures, coming soon!
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