my iPhone life || April 2015


April was pretty wonderful.  Kasey, Jon, and I went to the lake house (previously blogged about, at length) for Easter weekend with their friend Kevin.  I am dying to go again.  Maybe this post will convince the fam jam to make a trip?  One can hope.


Coco and I were very very excited about the lake house.


Can you blame us?
How to make me happy: buy me coffee, make me coffee, be coffee.

“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.” -Drew Houston


The lake house has a lot of very large windows, meaning that the natural light inside is killer.

IMG_5413Coco butt hates having her ears cleaned.
IMG_5450Among other things that month, we also went hiking and got inked.  I already posted about both of those things, but here’s a fresh photo of the tattoo, in case you forgot how beautiful it is.
IMG_5830Jon also stole my phone at one point and took HUNDREDS of selfies before I even noticed it was happening.
IMG_5810IMG_5852Sonic has half priced milkshakes after eight pm.  Just FYI.
IMG_5884I took this photo of Coco after she tackled me and pinned me to the couch so that she could nibble my ears and walk all over me.  Doesn’t she look innocent?
IMG_5895IMG_5900Sometimes when I am in my room working on a blog post, sister will text me and say “tea time in ten,” and have some delicious baked treats to go with it.  She is a quality human being, that sister of mine.
IMG_5929IMG_5953I adore this pup, my Cocobutt.  She’s super ridiculous, still nibbles you like she’s a puppy, and thinks she is a lap dog.  If she 7448717958_dbf40e806f_ocan’t join you on the couch it is the biggest injustice.  She is also terrible at finding her ball if she doesn’t see where you throw it.

Until next time,



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