fall haul

I’ve been all over the map for this season. I typically stick to one or two stores, but this time I found myself all over creation looking for the perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe.
Everything is well worth it.

fall haul fall haul

Starting, of course, with this classic staple from the men’s section of American Eagle–an extra-small I purchased for $12 on Labor Day. Right now I live in this thing. It would be hard to dress up and wear to work, so for now it is living in my casual life and desperate to go to the mountains.

fall haul fall haul

I am very, very into pencil skirts right now. This was an excellent find at Old Navy for less than $15. So far I have kept it simple and paired it with a solid sweater on top and nude flats for work.

fall haul fall haul fall haul fall haul fall haul

Speaking of simple, solid sweaters, these are exactly what I am talking about. They are light enough for the beginning of autumn, classy enough for work, and loose fitting enough to satisfy my current distain for form-fitting tops. You can tuck the front in or just leave it loose with some skinny jeans or work pants. You can also pair it with a pencil skirt. So far I have tucked it in with the skirt and haven’t left it loose.

fall haul fall haul

I got this piece from… you guessed it, Forever 21. I keep trying to stay away but dang it, their trendy, well-priced walls are a trap hard to escape. I am excited for this (small) plaid that I can wear to work if I want to.

fall haul

My favorite, and so far well Instagramed item, is this rimmed felt hat I picked up on sale form Kohl’s. I can see it, with my plaid, skinny jeans, and boots in the mountains. Every adventurer needs a good hat.

fall haul

These Fossil sunglasses were 70% off on Labor Day. A good deal on some quality items is what braving the crowds of big sale days is all about. I barely paid more than I would have at Forever 21. I’d say that’s a pretty big win.

fall haul fall haul

God bless you, Bath and Body Works, for your scents, your candles, and your appreciation of seasons. I worked at Bath and Body Works years ago, and while I wasn’t too keen on it (sorry, ladies, it just wasn’t for me), I have never looked at any other candles the same way. They’re the kind of quality that you jump on immediately, especially when they’re on sale.
The lotions are from their aromatherapy line. Essential oils are all the rage these days. I haven’t completely jumped on board, but I thought I would give these lotions a try. So far so good!

Here’s to hoping you all have had as much success as I have in filling out your autumn wardrobe this season. I’m still looking for the perfect puffy vest that won’t cost me an arm and a leg (aka, North Face).

Until next time,



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