my top 5 halloween movies

If any of y’all know me, you know that I am very into movies. I went to school for film and spend a good part of my free time finding and watching new movies. Halloween is a time to pull out the classics. Personally, I’m not very into scary movies. Since getting into the television show Supernatural I have been getting better, but I still can’t handle zombies… and demons are my downfall. If those are things you look for in your Halloween movies, you might want to go elsewhere on the internet to find what to watch tonight. My top 5 is going to be a lot more family friendly so if that appeals to you guys, then awesome!

5. Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow

For some people this is considered a little too creepy. It is the Johnny Depp version. I don’t watch it every year but I chose it over Beetlejuice. The story of Sleepy Hollow is basically about a town that is being terrorized by a headless horseman who is killing people. Johnny Depp comes to investigate.

4. Scream


I love Scream! It’s pretty much poking fun at horror movies while being somewhat suspenseful at the same time. It’s about a small town that doesn’t usually have a lot going on but this girl’s mom was murdered and then all of a sudden these other murders start happening. She’s terrified and it all seems to be happening to her as well.

3. The Addams Family


I love both of the Addams family movies. The family is very gothic and extreme. So extreme that it’s hilariously unrealistic.

2. Casper


One of my favorites since childhood is the live action film starring Christina Ricci (who also happens to be in Sleepy Hollow and The Addams Family). Casper is a friendly ghost and he has three uncles who are your typical ghosts who like haunting and scaring people. Casper just wants to be nice. A father and daughter move into Casper’s house and the movie is about their relationship with the ghosts, among other things.

1. Hocus Pocus


My all time favorite. Max doesn’t believe in magic and lights the black flame candle on Halloween to impress a girl, but instead he brings back three dead witches–The Sanderson Sisters. The witches, confused by a world 300 years older than the last time they were alive, have one night to suck the lives out of children in order to live forever. Max, his sister, and Allison are the only three who can stop them.

I hope you all have a properly spooky (and safe) Halloween! What is your favorite Halloween movie?

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