my first time || photography class

I have been taking photos for almost as long as I can remember. My parents had an SLR when I was a kid. My Grandmother bought me my first film point-and-shoot. It was bright yellow. I would sit on our front porch in Texas taking photos of the neighbors and my sister. My parents bought me my first digital camera the Christmas of my junior year in high school. The photos were fewer than three megapixels and I bought rechargeable AA batteries to save money because I was very trigger happy.
I didn’t get a DLSR until 2010 and have been using my trusty Canon 450D ever since. I would mess around with the different settings and slowly taught myself how to shoot manual. Despite having taken a butt load of film class in university, I never took photography. When one of my coworkers offered a six week class for a steal of a price, I jumped on it.

Week One

We took it one setting at a time. Her goal was to get us off auto and onto manual. The first setting she wanted us to understand was aperture. All of the settings control the light, but the aperture, or f-stop, also controls depth of field. These are a couple of the photos I took for our week one assignment to compare the depth of field.

photography class part 1 photography class part 1

Week Two

This week we focused on shutter speed. Your shutter speed freezes the motion. Our assignment was to capture something in motion. I immediately thought of Coco because she is a spaz.

photography class part 1 photography class part 1 photography class part 1

Week Three

This week was different. We shot everything entirely on manual. We talked about ISO and how it controls the quality of your photo. Obviously all of your settings also control light, but it was awesome to understand them each individually to problem solve so that your photo turns out the way you want it to.

photography class part 1

I shared a couple of my other photos with you in my September randoms and favorites. If you want to see my final photo assignments, stick around. I will post those next week. I will also be posting about our weekend in the Appalachians soon. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to take photos now, and for someone who has always been obsessed with photography, that’s saying something.

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