We were Grinched

I don’t even know what’s happening right now. I had a whole plan for my blog posts for the next couple months but then some really classy and endearing individual broke into our house and stole all of my favorite things. 
Everyone is fine and the animals are fine, but walking in and seeing all the lights on, the back door kicked in, and the contents of dressers and shelves all over the floor, is a seriously surreal feeling. Something I never want to feel again. Drawers were open, Christmas presents were torn open, and the cat was tearing around the house like everything was covered in catnip. I tried to make sense of it–did I leave the lights on when I left? Did my sister and brother-in-law come home in the middle of the day and leave everything… in chaos? No. Did the cat get on the bookshelf? No the back door is wide open and the deadbolt was clearly locked. The wall and door jam were torn apart. 
I called my sister. With no preamble, and as it came out of my mouth I wondered if I should have had a more sensitive lead in, I just blurted out, “Someone broke into the house.” 
“What?” she said.
I repeated myself, then explained what I was seeing. She said okay, maybe in understanding, or maybe just because that’s all you can say when you have to accept that something terrible has happened. I then called the police. As I was talking to them I looked on my dresser and my world was instantly crushed. They took my camera. I tried to push it out of my mind while I talked to the woman who was asking me if the house was clear and then I saw that my MacBook Pro was also gone. I kind of felt like vomiting all over the floor. 
The rest of the night involved police officers, my friend L coming to wait with me because Kasey and Jon weren’t home, and cleaning up the house after CSI left. 
Yeah, CSI. It’s not just a television show. It’s legit. 
And now, I’m typing this on my phone and reassuring myself that things could be much worse. My family has taken some big punches this week, even bigger than a felony B & E, but here is what’s good. There is a roof over our heads. There is food in our fridge. We have memories and each other and supportive friends and coworkers.
We can be strong and brave… and sad and violated at the same time. I will always shoot for optimism, because I know that this year has been TERRIBLE, but I will not let it break me. I will not let awful things and awful people make me ignore the beauty and the smiles and the experiences that have also made this year WONDERFUL. We may have been Grinched, but it’s still Christmas and I will still make the most of everything God has blessed me with. 
Until next time, 


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