meet lola

Here is unsuspecting Jamie at her work Christmas party:

meet lola

On December first our house was broken into. They stole two of my most precious things, among other treasures, and I was devastated. Here at the Christmas party a couple weeks later, unsuspecting Jamie is gathering in a circle with everyone else as two of my favorites began to talk about how one of our own went through something hard and everyone pulled together to bless them.
No one asked me to pull together and help someone.
Instead they called me up to the front and gave me what my friend Joshua called an “Oprah-style Christmas.”

meet lola

This ginormous box full of other boxes, all wrapped and padded with newspaper. The first gift I unwrapped was a camera bag. I genuinely had no idea what could be in the box until that. My first thought was, “They know my camera was stolen. It would be a really mean joke to get me a camera bag and no camera.”

meet lola

There were a couple things that made me a little teary, and introvert-who-hates-being-the-center-of-attention Jamie was clumsily and tearily unwrapping many many boxes in front of 50+ people who were all taking photos and video, but when I finally got to the camera I almost lost it.
My photography teacher and coworker had been asking me about what camera I wanted. I told her all about the Canon T5i and why I liked it how much I could get a refurbished one for. When I opened the camera, it was a T6i, the current generation, and brand new. No one had ever used that shutter before.

They told me afterward all about how they raised the money. How after I posted on Facebook, “Our house was broken into. My computer and camera are gone. Please pray. Police are here,” people immediately started emailing and texting. They raised the money for the camera kit in less than 48 hours.
I freaking bawled.
This is love. This is generosity. This is the good outweighing the bad. This is my family. And they gave me my baby Lola.

meet lola meet lola

Lola and I have been getting to know each other the past couple weeks. We went on a short adventure (blog post to follow) after Christmas, but I am excited for many many more. I had my last camera for five and a half years. She’s off changing someone else’s life now. It’s time for Lola to have a turn changing mine.

meet lola

[First day of test shots. 24mm lens. Settings: f/2.8, ss 1/500, ISO 100.]

meet lola meet lola

[24mm, f/2.8, ss 1/320, ISO 400]

Here’s to more mischief and the rest of our lives!
Until next time,



4 thoughts on “meet lola

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  3. I love reading your blog and having more insight into your beautiful soul. Your talent for photography
    And the spirit you possess are both breathtaking. You truly inspire me.


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