my iPhone life || december 2015

The last month of 2015 started out rough.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Our house was broken into on December first. If you haven’t read my post about being Grinched, click here.

my iPhone life || december 2015

After a really terrible week, the family and I got out of the house to see a local holiday staple–The Singing Christmas Tree. Something that has become a tradition for the ages (and in my mind once spread through the nation like wildfire), is a giant tree whose tiers are built to hold a choir. There was an orchestra, dancers, drama, and some classic choral Christmas songs. I was in church choir pretty much from birth until some time in college. I know Christmas programs. I have lived them. This was so nostalgically wonderful.
Also, I wore heels and felt like a badass the whole time. I resolved to start wearing heels in November and sometimes don’t look like a baby gazelle learning to walk these days.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Sawyer, the brother-in-law’s little brother, came for a visit about a week into the month. He lived with Kasey and Jon when they got Coco, so she greeted him like her long-lost-buddy. She immediately jumped on him and started chewing on his ears. It was adorable.

my iPhone life || december 2015

My coworkers did it again. Every year they adopt some “angels” to give gifts for Christmas. This wasn’t even all of the presents.

my iPhone life || december 2015

We picked “our spot,” AKA the restaurant that we frequent.  I love love it.

my iPhone life || december 2015

If you didn’t know it already, my coworkers are too amazing for words. They surprised me at our Christmas party with a camera kit to replace some things that were stolen a couple weeks before. Click here if you haven’t read my blog post about it.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Looking a little blurry there, but these are two of my favorites–Ell and Jackie.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Work family.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Coco shares her cuddles sometimes. Mostly she cuddles with her dad, so when she cuddles with someone else we like to document it because the cute factor goes up a level.

my iPhone life || december 2015

I have been watching Star Wars since birth.
Not like continuously. It hasn’t literally been playing every second of my life. Obviously.
I remember when the films came back into theaters after being remastered and having more special effects added. The originals are better–I’m a snob like that.
I remember when episodes 1, 2, and 3 came out and my sister had a huge crush on Ewan McGregor.
And now, finally, a new episode came out. With a female lead. Seriously, when I went to see the movie this weekend, the boy sitting next to me said, “She’s SO COOL!” and I realized that a whole new generation was going to grow up watching Rey kick butt and be “so cool!” and teach them how amazing and strong women can be.

Okay, sorry, back on track.
We bought our tickets what feels like months in advance. We got the super fancy 3D IMAX tickets. Sawyer got in line around noon. We saw the movie at 7pm the day before the official release.
The theatre was filled with nerds at their very best. Everyone was at least wearing a Star Wars shirt, if not in full cosplay. There was no stampeding or rudeness–everyone worked together to make it the most amazing opening night experience one can have. Everyone laughed at the right parts, cheered at the right parts, and was dead silent when appropriate.

I love Star Wars.

my iPhone life || december 2015 my iPhone life || december 2015
my iPhone life || december 2015 my iPhone life || december 2015

Kitty AND puppy cuddles.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Bedroom all done up for Christmas.

my iPhone life || december 2015

All about that scarf life.

my iPhone life || december 2015

Your classic Christmas morning selfie.

my iPhone life || december 2015

One of my lovely agents bought me this journal. I have been using it to write down quotes and other inspirational thoughts. It’s awesome.

my iPhone life || december 2015

My New Year’s Eve nails.

The month ended strong and I was really excited for the new year. 2016 promised new adventures and a wide open plane of possibilities. I have always been excited for new years and new opportunities. What I didn’t know was that waking up in January of 2016 left me depressed–feeling like I accomplished something amazing by making it through 2015, but now I had to do it all over again.
But what I have learned the past 18 months is that God provides. Always. We are all made on purpose for a purpose.

Until next time,


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