be your own inspiration

no one has it together

This is the photo you see on social media. This is the edited, selective portion of ourselves we choose to put out there publicly.

no one has it together

This is the reality. The behind the scenes. The dirty dishes—the skeletons in our closet.
Absolutely no one on this earth is perfect and absolutely no one airs all of their dirty laundry, or hidden secrets, or unspoken chapters online. I tell you guys a lot–I open up and allow myself to be vulnerable because my lessons and mistakes and triumphs can help other people. But that in no way means that my everything is online for you.

No one has it together like they appear to on the internet. Everyone has awkward moments and gets embarrassed. The person who posts their vacation photos probably saved for months or years for it. They have bad hair days or they hate their nose. They get in fights with loved ones. They lose their car keys.
Maybe it’s even more than that.  
Maybe they struggle with depression, or anxiety.
Life isn’t all white walls and perfect eyeliner. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is a work in progress.

Don’t let your happiness or your self worth be determined by other people. If you wait for the approval of others, you are wasting an opportunity to approve of yourself and move forward in life. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live, or grow, or love. Don’t let the world tame your heart. Don’t live like you’re waiting for something.

no one has it together

You don’t need to prove your worth. If someone puts you in a box, that’s their mistake. You’re still capable of doing great things.

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