happy three year blogiversary!

Happy Third Blogiversary, everyone! I can’t believe it’s that time again. This blog began as a sort of fashion/home decor blog and has morphed and settled into something quite beautiful—a positive, passionate, vulnerable place where we can grow and change together.

In the past year I have taken two photography classes, had my most prized possessions stolen and then replaced by the most generous work family on the planet, moved out of my sister’s into my own apartment, got back into yoga, experienced love and loss, and found a new church family where I can grow in Christ.  Let’s take a few to look back on the best-blog moments from this year.

Here are the top three most viewed posts from the year:

1. We were Grinched. The tale of a very classy and endearing individual breaking into our house and stealing all of our favorite things.
2. Where have I been.  Still topping the charts. Announcing a divorce will do that. Let’s move on.
3. What are you doing with your life?  If you’re anything like me, which you probably are, you get asked what you want to do with your life a lot.

Okay, those posts may have grabbed the most traffic, but what are my personal favorites?

1. the wedding // home part four. I flew home to Portland, Oregon for my high school best friend’s wedding. She was gorgeous, the wedding was phenomenal, and I really like the way I wrote this post.
2. october in the smoky mountains part III  Have you ever had a legitimate mountaintop experience? This was mine.
3. meet lola. The epic retelling of the biggest surprise of my life—when my work family got me Lola, my baby—my Canon camera.

What I love more than writing is photography. Here are my personal favorite photos I have shared with you this year.

october in the smoky mountains part II

october in the smoky mountains part ii

november randoms and favorites

november randoms and favorites

a dickens holiday

a Dickens holiday

January Randoms and Favorites || jamieddaily

january randoms and favorites

but first, coffee || storm jonas

but first, coffee || storm jonas

the lake house revisited // days one and two

the lake house revisited // days one and two

Let’s finish up this celebration with some tokens of wisdom from yours truly. Here are my top three favorite quotes:

1. “Go climb a mountain. Conquer the part of yourself that says you can’t That says you aren’t good enough. That says people don’t choose you. You are everything you are meant to be.” –october in the smoke mountains part III
2. “I will always shoot for optimism, because I know that this year has been TERRIBLE, but I will not let it break me. I will not let awful things and awful people make me ignore the beauty and the smiles and the experiences the have also made this year WONDERFUL.” –We were Grinched
3. “Things are not always better somewhere else. Sometimes we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Nothing is permanent, so embrace what makes you happy, work on what doesn’t, and realize that this too shall pass—the good and the bad. You are valuable, you are loved, and you are worth it.” –goodbye 2015, hello 2016.

Alright, friends. That’s it for this trip down memory lane.

Until next time,


If you want to read last year’s blogiversary post, click here.


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