my iPhone life || august 2016

my iPhone life // august 2016

We aren’t going to compare, or dwell, or pretend. I won’t lie and say that the irony of two events happening so close together, albeit two years apart, didn’t kill me.  But that’s it. We’re done in the past. We’re in the now, and we’re being positive. Strength doesn’t mean we always have it together, but it does mean that we move on. Strength means that even when we don’t understand–and maybe we feel lost–we still take one step at a time until we find ourselves again.

August is. August was. Now it is not. You will never have moments back again. Embrace this life. Let things mold you, shape you, break you, remake you. You will be better than you were before. Trust.

my iPhone life // august 2016

These are the golden moments you are missing out on by not following my Snapchat. jamieddaily. Shameless plug.

my iPhone life // august 2016

And that still small voice gave me what I needed to rest on in August. Be still.

my iPhone life // august 2016

My seriously adorable agents showed me so much love the first Sunday they saw me sing at church. It was my second time singing at the main site and not only did they take this photo and then post it for all of my work family, but they left their seat, came to the front, and took video as well.
I love them. So much.

my iPhone life // august 2016

I’m slowly trying to step up my shoe game. Being a west coast girl, a pair of flip flops and some converse are really all a girl needs to survive.
They do things a little differently on the east coast. They don’t just throw in some cute boots. No, no. They pull out all the stops, with booties of all different kinds, oxfords, loafers, flats, heels, keds, sandals… Flip flops are for swimming pools and super casual days. If they want to be “west coast vides” they break out the Birkenstocks.

my iPhone life // august 2016

Another golden moment, brought to you by Snapchat. This is the real me.
I dyed my hair, compliments of the classic post-break-up “I need to do something” moment. I haven’t cut it yet. I assume that’s coming in the future.

my iPhone life // august 2016

The day my car wouldn’t start, and the warranty on my battery was no good, and I was grateful for the money I put in savings for days like this. Also, Carl my AAA car guy was pretty fabulous and told me all about how he’s never going to get married and he made fun of me for taking pictures.

my iPhone life // august 2016

Where I have spent much of my time lately.

my iPhone life // august 2016

I bought A LOT of red lipstick in August. A LOT. I’m working on owning all of the shades known to mankind. It’s really working out for me.

my iPhone life // august 2016

I will praise you in this storm.

my iPhone life // august 2016

[photo by katie]
Outdoor theatre? Yes please! But seriously, how cool is this?!
My good friend Katie invited me out to see Fantastic Mr. Fox with a group of people from church. It was a little stormy, and we had an evacuation plan in place in case there was a downpour. But there was food, and candy, and good people, and an excellent film. These are my kind of summer nights.

my iPhone life // august 2016

I am now such an adult that I own a chair that no one is allowed to sit in.
My lovely, amazing coworker ChrisAnn gifted me this antique rocking chair that has found its new home in my bedroom.

my iPhone life // august 2016

Anxiety was my constant companion in August, so my mom sent me a care package full of tea and naturally calming things. Because she is the best mom to ever mom.

Friends, August was rough. I know you feel that way about your life sometimes too. Sometimes we just have to go through seasons that break us apart, so that we can be molded into better people. I find healing in photography. I find healing in poetry. I find healing in writing. I find healing in music.  And I find healing in pursuing a God who is really really good at being God.

Be still.

Until next time,



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