creep cover // radiohead

You’re so very special.

I very rarely post full songs. But maybe that should change.
Jena Irene inspired arrangement.
One of my favorite songs to sing.
// live boldly //

Until next time,



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4 thoughts on “creep cover // radiohead

  1. Maybe you’ll think I”m crazy but I seriously think you should try out for the voice or Americas Got Talent or American Idol (is thats still on) I’d also urge you to make a CD and market it yourself to record labels.. You’re really sincerely that good Jaime..


  2. Jaime!!…Where do I even begin.. Let me begin by telling you I have a VERY good ear for raw talent when it comes to music and my girl, you’ve got it!… I hear a lot of Alanis Morrissette in your voice…You have similar pitches an your pitch on this song is perfect… Are you doing anything with music ? If you aren’t, honey you should be.. ~Robyn~

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