spring haul // mary kay

spring haul // mary kay

I haven’t done a Mary Kay haul for you guys in a while! You might not know that my sister is a consultant, so I get most of my makeup and face products from her. I don’t always try something new, but I like to get something a little fun and different every time I order.

spring haul // mary kay

The first item was, I think, a limited edition cheek tint, unfortunately, and I couldn’t find it online for you guys. It’s a sheer dimensions powder in lace coral. It’s a little more orange than I typically go with cheek colors. I think it will work well in the summer when I have more of a tan.

spring haul // mary kay

Southern summers being what they are, I am slowly learning to adjust my beauty routines and products. One of the things I have found is pressed powder. I got my summer “tan” color, beige 1, because I have hit pan on my winter color and am thinking positive. Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder “is a lightweight, ultrafine powder that imparts an invisible layer of oil-absorbing coverage to keep makeup looking fresh throughout the day.”

spring haul // mary kay

It’s never too early to take care of your skin. Right now I’m mostly just using the TimeWise day and night solutions in addition to my normal Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer. TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35* “helps prevent sun damage such as lines and discoloration before it occurs by shielding skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays.”

spring haul // mary kay

My favorite mascara from the past few years is the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black. I haven’t used anything else since my sister started doing Mary Kay.

spring haul // mary kay

This is a new thing that I’m trying. I live in the south and I swim a lot in the summer. I love the beach and since living with the Harknesses I have fallen in love with swimming in the ocean. My skin, on the other hand, would prefer less sun exposure. Since Mary Kay had a new sun product for the skin (that wasn’t sunscreen), I thought I would give it a try.

spring haul // mary kay spring haul // mary kay

The Sun Care After-Sun Replenishing Gel “is an ultra-light, cool blue gel that contains soothing botanical extracts rich in antioxidants to replenish vital moisture. Leaves skin feeling hydrated, smooth and refreshed.” I haven’t tried it yet, but taking care of your skin while still living your life sounds pretty great to me.

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spring haul // mary kay


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