Don’t expect your journey
to be over because you met me.
I’m just human, incomplete.
Don’t expect your worry
to leave and then regret me.
I will take you as I am.
But every step you take
you will wonder
will he leave me like he left me,
alone and then he’ll break me?
Will I shatter on the floor
like the last and the one before?
Don’t expect to trust me.
Take my words and actions, hush me.
I will challenge everything.
Don’t expect it easy
because love is answers slowly.
I will hold you when you ask me.
(J.McHenry 2016)

Until next time,



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5 thoughts on “incomplete

  1. You are so talented and beautiful. I am so excited and thankful that you share your journey.

    PS… Yes you are still the only blog I follow lol 😊 Miss you!!

    Jackie L. Pearson Pearson Properties/ KW Realtor/ Provisional Broker Coach (910) 391-2552 “Providing The Service You Deserve”



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