Fall Haul || Forever 21

I tend to buy a few new pieces about a month before the next season starts.  My heart loves anticipation and my shop-aholic side takes advantage of my obsession with seasons!  We currently live in San Diego where we have basically two seasons.  The hot season and the less hot season.  I am jealous of anyone who gets to experience four seasons, but I know that one day I will miss the beauty of San Diego.

Anyways, enough of that.  Let’s get to the clothes!


This sweater is super lovely!  It is lightweight, which is great for San Diego’s autumn.  It stays hot most of the way through September, although the nights start to cool down.  We don’t break out the flannel sheets and comforter until December, and even then we could live without it.

tumblr_naqkniZyWg1r9u7j5o3_540 tumblr_naqkniZyWg1r9u7j5o1_540

The lace detailing at the top is to die for.


I wanted to replace my American Eagle skinnies that no longer fit, but instead fell into the delightful trap of the $7.80 jeans at XXI.  I mean, a girl could do worse, and they fit really well.  Maybe this Christmas I will go for quality over quantity. ;]


The dark wash is super lovely and I really enjoy the colored thread as detailing.  I like to keep my pants pretty classy and simple so anything more than this and I probably would have walked away from this pair of jeans.  I will admit that I was very tempted by a pair of acid washed, high wasted jeggings, but they were more expensive so I came home with the classic instead.


This is another great light weight sweater.  Mint and grey are both really good colors for me.  If my mom had anything to say about it I would never even wear black because it doesn’t look good with my skin tone.  Well here you go, mom!  I got a grey sweater!


It is very basic, and it’s even a crew neck!  Who wears those anymore?  I really love that it’s a salt and pepper style sweater and it will be well worn this season.


This has been my favorite so far.  Possibly because I have been able to wear it a few times all ready, but more likely because it has really fabulous slits in the sides.  It is hard to tell in the photos because the shirt is so dark.  Maybe if the contrast on your computer screen is less than mine you might actually be able to tell.  It makes me feel all trendy and young, like if I was wearing a crop top without having to show my stomach, which for me is what I consider my “problem area.”


It is a dark grey sweater with a little bit of a green tone.  It is sort of a high-low as well, but I don’t think I would wear it with leggings.  It is deceptively not as warm as you would think because of the slits up the sides.

Anywhozzles, that’s it for now!  I will be coming out with some decor and make up hauls later on this month and next so keep your eyes pealed (peeled?… pretty sure it’s pealed) and follow my blog if you like my stuff!


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